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So Gross December 28, 2006

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  Today on the news I heard that soon in April they were going to clone cows. But that isn’t so bad is it. They have done it before. But here’s a question “Would you like some cloned cow milk?”

  Totally disgusting isn’t it. I will not drink it.  That is just gross. Then this is what grosses me out even more. You know how cloned animals are usually sick or deformed.  Well, what if the milk is messed up.  So it might make you sick.Even though they’ve studied on it for 5 years.  I don’t know it’s just my view. Besides test are not always right. Right? 

I think if there would be strikes and stuff they would turn it down. But who knows.

                                                                               – Audramal  



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 As you know there have not been a lot of post lately. I was thinking of stopping. But I decided to keep my blog up. So there will be more post. Now that I’m back there’s a lot to talk about.

First school is back and I’m in the 5th grade.So I’ve made new friends and new enemies.Alot’s going on. We’re getting a new teacher. Instead of having 3 teachers so there’s is going to be 5. You see before there were 5 teachers but there were 2 different teams. One had 3 teachers and the other had 2. But one teacher on my team has moved schools. So the teachers decided that we’ll be one team.

  Next, mama,papa,and all the kids have moved back from France and are now in America. So now I see them on Thanksgiving break, Christmas break, Spring break, and Summer break.

 So there you are for right now!

                                                                           – Audramal



Diddlina and a hot day July 20, 2006

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Today in Strasbourg it’s going to be 96 °F (34-37°C)! Alsace is going to be the hottest region today. It’s very humid. Luckily it’s going to rain tonight. That’s why it’s humid. It’s been hot all week. It’s been a canticle. It’s been really dangerous to go outside.

The other day a builder dyed because it was so hot. I’m sure the water bottle factories have been very busy. Water has probably doubled this week at the grocery stores. In Strasbourg they have misters which would be nice right now. Also the Italian ice cream would be nice. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!


Now I’m going to talk about something other then heat. I’m going to talk about Diddlina. She is very cute. She is a mouse that wears clothes. In France and maybe all of Europe she is very popular. There are other characters and they are all cute. I wish they were in America. 😦 If they do, tell me. I really think there cute. My mama luckily found them on E-bay.

In my opinion if they were in America they would sell like crazy. The man who made them would be rich. I have 4 so far and I’m American so I think they would sell. But it might just me.

Click here to see pictures of Diddlina and click here to see picture of Diddl the boy mouse.


Your a Great Super Hero July 17, 2006

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Happy Bastille Day July 15, 2006

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Last night, we went to see fireworks in Strasbourg for Bastille Day. Bastille Day is France’s National Holiday. It was very fun to see the fireworks. They were very pretty.

Surprisingly, Sweet Bear nor Little Clown cried. Teddy Bear slept the whole time. He had not slept because he was sick. He had a tempature but it went down when we walked outside in the cool breeze. I wish he was still a little sick because he’s getting his screams back that are very, very loud. When he was sick, he lost his voice and didn’t scream as loud.


Sisters are Comediennes July 14, 2006

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A few days ago, Little clown had an accident. It was very funny. Not that she had an accident but she thought she was wearing a diaper.

She came up to me and said “I pee-pee!”. And I was thinking great another pee-pee! So I went to tell my mother. And I guess Sweet Bear heard because she went “Little Clown went pee-pee in panties!”. Little Clown said “no I pee-pee in my diaper!” 😦 My Mama told Little Clown, “You have panties on”. So, Little Clown being the comedienne in the family, pulled up her dress and looked. Mama and I couldn’t stand but laugh neither could Little Clown herself.

Little Clown and Sweet Bear are both comedians. Just yesterday, Sweet Bear ate a spider. We were eating lunch when my mama said, “You have to your eat more than just your corn to be healthy”. Sweet Bear said “I eat good. I eat spider”. Don’t ask me why she ate a spider. She said she ate it because it wouldn’t get off her hand.

Personally, I don’t think she did. I think it’s one of her stories. She is scared silly of spiders. She wouldn’t even ride her bike at our grandparents because there was a spider between the folds of the table cloth where she would have to ride her bike. This spider was like the tiniest spider I’ve seen. Also, I can say, “If you don’t come in the spiders will get you” and she will quickly come inside the house. See what I mean.


Allez les Bleu July 10, 2006

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In France they have this commercial. I think it’s very funny. 🙂 The end is the funniest part. I like how the Swiss woman speaks. I hope you liked it.

Also click here to see in different language’s.