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Diddlina and a hot day July 20, 2006

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Today in Strasbourg it’s going to be 96 °F (34-37°C)! Alsace is going to be the hottest region today. It’s very humid. Luckily it’s going to rain tonight. That’s why it’s humid. It’s been hot all week. It’s been a canticle. It’s been really dangerous to go outside.

The other day a builder dyed because it was so hot. I’m sure the water bottle factories have been very busy. Water has probably doubled this week at the grocery stores. In Strasbourg they have misters which would be nice right now. Also the Italian ice cream would be nice. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!


Now I’m going to talk about something other then heat. I’m going to talk about Diddlina. She is very cute. She is a mouse that wears clothes. In France and maybe all of Europe she is very popular. There are other characters and they are all cute. I wish they were in America. 😦 If they do, tell me. I really think there cute. My mama luckily found them on E-bay.

In my opinion if they were in America they would sell like crazy. The man who made them would be rich. I have 4 so far and I’m American so I think they would sell. But it might just me.

Click here to see pictures of Diddlina and click here to see picture of Diddl the boy mouse.


One Response to “Diddlina and a hot day”

  1. mamal Says:

    hello I miss you little girl. I like the mice , cute. Are they a poster or a stuffed animal. I like them . love you, mamal oh it has been real hot in Ohio to 95 degrees love you kisses sent from america

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