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So Gross December 28, 2006

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  Today on the news I heard that soon in April they were going to clone cows. But that isn’t so bad is it. They have done it before. But here’s a question “Would you like some cloned cow milk?”

  Totally disgusting isn’t it. I will not drink it.  That is just gross. Then this is what grosses me out even more. You know how cloned animals are usually sick or deformed.  Well, what if the milk is messed up.  So it might make you sick.Even though they’ve studied on it for 5 years.  I don’t know it’s just my view. Besides test are not always right. Right? 

I think if there would be strikes and stuff they would turn it down. But who knows.

                                                                               – Audramal  


2 Responses to “So Gross”

  1. brenda Says:

    I think it is sick , why clone cows , do we really need to . I would not drink the milk either , but how will we know if it is from a cloned cow . love you mammal

  2. audramal Says:

    Well they have already cloned cows but now they’re going to use the milk. They say it’s fine but not to me. And they’re still thinking about are they going to lable it or not.

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